Parents and Authorized Payers

Students can authorize parents, guardians, spouses, or others as their Authorized Payers in PittPAY. Authorized Payers will receive a courtesy email each time a new eBill is posted in PittPAY for the student. They also can view the student's eBills, Current Account Details, enroll in or monitor a PittPAY Payment Plan, and make online payments using eCheck or credit card in PittPAY.

Students may have an unlimited number of Authorized Payers, and should create separate Authorized Payers for each individual they want to grant permission to access PittPAY. For example, if the student wants both parents to be Authorized Payers, instead of creating one Authorized Payer called Smith Family, each parent should have an individual Authorized Payer record in PittPAY each with its own Login Name.

The University supports students' rights to privacy under the Federal Family Education Rights and Privacy act of 1974. Therefore, we cannot discuss students' bills, account details, or payment plans with anyone except students' Authorized Payers.

Creating Authorized Payers

Students create Authorized Payers in PittPAY and assign each one their own login ID and temporary password. Students log onto my.pitt at, select PittPAY Login from the menu, then select Authorize Payers from the PittPAY menu.

Logging into PittPAY as an Authorized Payer

Authorized Payers login in here. The first time you login, you will be asked to change the password your student assigned to you to a new password of your choosing.

Authorized Payers who will be PLUS borrowers (Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students) should create a Direct Deposit profile in PittPAY.

Retrieving forgotten Authorized Payer Login Name and/or Passwords

On the PittPAY Authorized Payer Login Screen, click on either Forgot Login Name or Forgot Password links.

To retrieve your Login Name enter the primary or secondary email address provided when your student established you as an Authorized Payer. You will receive an email to that address from PittPAY with your login name.

To retrieve your Password, enter your PittPAY Login Name. If you have a payment profile or a Direct Deposit profile in PittPAY, you will also be asked for the routing and account number on one of the accounts. This will ensure that no one can acquire your login name, change your password and make an unauthorized payment using your payment profile.

A new, temporary password will be emailed to you. You will be required to reset your password the next time you login. On the change password screen, the OLD PASSWORD you are asked to enter is the one that was emailed to you. You will also be asked for a new password which you must also confirm.

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