eBills - (There are no paper bills at Pitt!)

What are eBills?

The eBill is a snapshot of the student account at the moment it is generated. If you need to print a copy of your eBill, use the Printable Bill link on the eBill page. eBills do not change when activity occurs after the billing date, but you can view the Current Account Details screen to see transactions as they occur, in real-time. Always check Current Account Details before making your payment to be sure you are viewing the most up to date status of your account. Follow the instructions at the top of Current Account Details to determine what you should pay when the amount due on your static eBill differs from your term total on Current Account Details.

When do Students receive an eBill?

eBills are posted in PittPAY once each month according to the detailed Billing and Due Date Schedule. Students must be registered for classes for a term (semester) by each bill date to be included in that month's billing. A new eBill is posted the following month ONLY if students have new activity. No eBill is posted when the account balance is zero. When each new eBill is posted, PittPAY automatically sends notification to the students' official University e-mail account and the student's Authorized Payers.

Logging onto PittPAY to see an eBill

Students log on to My Pitt at www.my.pitt.edu, select PittPAY Login, then select eBill from the PittPAY menu.

Authorized Payers login here, then select ebill from the PittPAY menu.


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