Making Payments

Due Dates

The due date is always the 17th of the month, and new eBills are posted in PittPAY just after the due date each month. For your convenience, each term's detailed eBill and due date schedule can be accessed from the Message Board in PittPAY. Payment must be received by each eBill's due date to avoid the assessment of a $50 late payment fee.

Online Payments 

Payments can be made in PittPAY by students or their Authorized Payers, using an eCheck (electronic check) or credit/debit card. Once you receive your receipt in PittPAY, you can check the updated balance on the Current Account Details screen.

eCheck is an electronic deduction from a personal US checking account. Payments made in PittPAY by eCheck are offered at no charge to you. You will need the routing number and account number from a personal US checking account to process an eCheck payment.

While the University does not accept credit or debit card payments directly, we have arranged for a third-party vendor to accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa when payment is made online through PittPAY. Note: you will be charged a non-refundable service fee of 2.75% by the vendor each time you use a credit or debit card to process a payment in PittPAY. This fee will be in addition to tuition, fee, room, and meal plan charges.

Note: If you are planning to use a debit card linked to a US checking account consider using the eCheck payment method instead to avoid the additional 2.75% service fee charged for all debit and credit card payments in PittPAY.

International Payments can be processed through a partnership with Flywire. Flywire offers a streamlined and cost effective way for you to make international payments for tuition and fees on your student account. Find out more about Flywire.

Logging into PittPAY to Make Payments

Students log on to My Pitt at, select PittPAY Login, then select Make Payment from the PittPAY menu.

Authorized Payers login in here, then select Make Payment from the PittPAY menu.

Pay by Mail

Log into PittPAY and select eBill from the menu. Use the Printable Statement link on that page and mail your check, together with the Remittance Form from the bottom of the statement, to the address printed on the Remittance Form. Please print the student ID number on the memo line of the check and mail your payment at least seven days prior to the due date to avoid a $50 late payment fee.

Drop It Off

When you pay in person, you may pay by check, cash, or money order at the Student Payment Center, G-7 Thackeray Hall (Monday - Thursday 8:30-4:45 and Friday 9:30-4:45). Debit and credit card payments can only be made online in PittPAY; we do not accept them in the Student Payment Center. After hours you can drop check payments only in the depository located outside the Student Payment Center on the Ground Floor of Thackeray Hall. (Please do not put cash in the depository).

Paying in Installments

You may pay your account balance in full by the due date on your eBill or you may elect to make payment in installments instead by enrolling in a PittPAY Payment Plan.


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