Aid Disbursement & Student Refunds

If you have not enrolled in eRefunds, do that now. If you are already enrolled, please check your bank account to make sure it is still correct or update it if it is not.

Federal regulations determine when the University can begin disbursement of financial aid (including loans) each term. We begin disbursing aid for Spring 2021 on January 10, 2021. When the financial aid applies to the account, it may create a credit balance. Credit balances are automatically refunded to the eRefund bank account the student (not the Authorized Users) designated on the eRefund tab in PittPAY.

Daily automated refunds will begin on January 11, 2021.

When you see the “Refund” transaction on the Account Activity tab in PittPAY, you know your refund is being processed and do not need to contact us unless you have questions. Also, you will receive an email from PittPAY soon after, letting you know your refund is on its way to your bank account. The funds will be deposited in 2-3 business days.

Complete your loan requirements.
Make sure your loan requirements are complete so your aid can be released to apply to your account.