Payment Plans Available

Check out the Payment Plans tab in PittPAY starting April 7, 2022 to view or activate a payment plan. With an optional payment plan, you can spread out your costs over a series of monthly installments each term, and one of your Authorized Users can enroll in a plan on your behalf.

  • Payments are processed on the 5th of each month by automatic withdrawal from a U.S. checking account, savings account, or credit card. You can change your payment method at any time.
  • You’ll receive reminders before each payment is processed, so you have time to contact the Student Payment Center if you have questions.
  • Since you can enroll before the term begins, a budget worksheet helps you estimate your installment amounts in the early months.
  • Once you have Anticipated Aid on your account, you receive credit for it as though the aid has already disbursed.

By enrolling in a payment plan early, you can take advantage of the maximum number of installments during each payment plan period.

  • Summer 2022, May to July: Up to 3 installments if you enroll by May 4
  • Fall 2022, May to October: Up to 6 installments if you enroll by May 4
  • Spring 2023, November to April: Up to 6 installments if you enroll by Nov 4

The sign-up fee is $45 per term and enrollment is optional.  Learn more on the Payment Plans page.

Note, your account must be in good standing.  For past due balances, contact University Collections to learn about collections payment plans.