Spring Term Refunding

Financial aid for spring term begins posting to students’ accounts on Saturday, January 1.  Refunding of credit balances begins on Monday, January 3.  Make sure you are enrolled in eRefunds now, so we know which bank account to deposit your refund to.

  1. Log in to PittPAY and select the eRefund tab.
  2. Enter your direct deposit bank account information.
  3. Agree to the Terms and Conditions
  4. Click Submit, then Confirm.

Please note: Authorized Users do not have access to create, view, or change a student’s eRefund enrollment.  The only time a refund is sent to an Authorized User’s eRefund bank account is when a Parent PLUS loan is posted to the student account and creates a credit balance.  ALL OTHER refunds go to the bank account the student designates in PittPAY.  You may designate any bank account you want for your refunds; it can be your own bank account, or that of a parent, guardian, spouse, etc.