PA Tuition Rate Eligibility Petition

NOTE: Faculty, staff, their spouses and their dependents who are U.S. Citizens do not need to complete a petition for Pennsylvania tuition rates. Instead, you should submit a request to Human Resources at for certification of employment for PA rates. You will be classified as a PA resident per University policies AC 21 and ER 06 once your education benefits are certified and you are enrolled in classes.

Instructions to Request and Submit a Petition for Eligibility for PA Tuition Rates

  1. Send an email from your Pitt email address to requesting the form.
  2. Student Appeals will route the form to you from DocuSign for you to complete, sign, and submit online.
  3. You will have the option of uploading your tax documents in DocuSign. If you do not upload them in DocuSign, email them separately to
    • Most recent federal AND state tax returns filed by you.
    • Most recent federal AND state tax returns filed by your parents or guardians, if you are claimed as a dependent on their returns.
    • Redact social security numbers before uploading or emailing tax documents.
  4. Once you complete the petition form, DocuSign will route it to our office and send an email copy to you.
  5. Your petition will be held in a pending file until you have submitted all required documents, including:
    • Your electronically signed DocuSign petition,
    • The tax documents that apply to you,
    • Citizenship documentation, if applicable,
    • Verification of Employment (you can also print this form from DocuSign). If you are employed, you will need to complete Part I, then send it to your employer and ask them to complete the steps in Part II. If your spouse’s or parents’ employment is a factor in your petition, they will need to complete Part I and their employer will need to complete the steps in Part II. Instructions are included on the form.
  6. Student Appeals will communicate with you by email if we have questions about your petition or require additional information. Please monitor your Pitt email.
  7. Within 2–3 weeks, you will receive a decision by email from Student Appeals.

Contact Student Appeals at or 412-624-7610 if you have questions.