PA TAP & 529 Plans

Getting Your 529 and College Savings Plan Payments Delivered On Time

Avoid late fees by submitting your withdrawal request to your 529 or College Savings Plan three to four weeks before the due date each term. This is how long it normally takes them to process your withdrawal request and deliver payment to us so we can post it to your student account. We post payments within one business day of receiving them at the correct address.

Provide your plan with the mailing address below and ask them to include your 7-digit student ID and name on the check. There will be a delay in posting the payment to your account if your student ID and name are missing or the check is sent to the incorrect address. Payments should be mailed to:

University of Pittsburgh
P.O Box 643092
Pittsburgh PA 15264-3092

Generate a Term Statement

Visit your 529 or College Savings Plan’s website to see what you need to submit to them to support your withdrawal request. View the instructions for generating a Term Statement in PDF format if you need to submit one to your plan.

The PA 529 College Savings Program

The PA 529 College Savings Program includes two different plans. If you have the PA 529 Guaranteed Savings Plan, the state will send your payment to us electronically. If you have the PA 529 Investment Plan, or a plan from any other state or organization, ask them to include the student’s full name and 7 digit student ID on the check and mail to the address above.