Scholarships from a Source Outside the University

If you have a scholarship from an outside organization (for example, a community foundation, the Lion’s Club, the American Legion, an employer, etc.), ask the organization to include the student’s full name and 7 digit student ID on the check and mail it to the Student Payment Center.

Student Payment Center
University of Pittsburgh
G-9 Thackeray Hall
139 University Place
Pittsburgh PA 15260

View the instructions for generating a Term Statement in PDF format if you need to submit one to your scholarship organization before they will issue you a scholarship check. If the amount is $100 or more, half will be posted to fall term and half to spring, unless the awarding entity includes other instructions along with the check.

While we are operating remotely, we are posting outside scholarship checks that are mailed to our office onto students’ accounts multiple times per month. You can monitor the Account Activity tab in PittPAY to see when your outside scholarships have been posted.

If you are enrolled in a payment plan for a term for which you are expecting an outside scholarship, and the scholarship hasn’t been posted yet, you may call us at 412-624-7520 or email to request a reduction in your next installment to account for this. Payment plan installments are processed on the 5th of each month, so contact us no later than Noon on the 4th if you have this request. Always include your 7-digit student ID when emailing us.