Sponsored & Third Party

financial sponsorship is an agreement by an agency, company, foundation, or other organization to pay all or a portion of a student’s tuition and fees. The specific tuition and fees the sponsor agrees to pay are called the authorized charges. University of Pittsburgh students can enroll in Sponsored Billingan arrangement where the University bills the student’s sponsor for authorized charges on the student’s behalf.

When the University bills the sponsor, a temporary credit is placed on the student’s account that allows the student to continue attending classes while the University waits for payment from the sponsor. The temporary credit does not represent payment from the sponsor or relieve a student of his or her financial responsibilities. If the sponsor does not pay the bill by end of the academic term, the temporary credit will be removed from the student’s account and the unpaid charges will be placed back on the student’s account. This process is called reinstatement and is done shortly after each academic term ends.

Sponsored Billing is not the same thing as tuition reimbursement between a student and an employer or other organization. Under tuition reimbursement, a student is required to prove they already paid for tuition and fees and earned certain grades before they can request reimbursement directly from an employer or other organization. The University is not involved in tuition reimbursement agreements between students and their employers or any other organization.

Required Documents

Students who wish to enroll in Sponsored Billing must submit two forms to the University by the enrollment deadline:

Statement of Responsibility

Students who wish to enroll in Sponsored Billing must provide the University with a signed Statement of Responsibility acknowledging that they understand of their administrative and financial responsibilities in the Sponsored Billing process. This form must be completed once during a sponsored student’s academic career. You can email the form to PittSponsorBilling@cfo.pitt.edu or deliver it to the Student Payment Center.

Students who need help understanding the Statement of Responsibility are encouraged to contact the University for help at PittSponsorBilling@cfo.pitt.edu.

Financial Guarantee/Billing Authorization

This document must:

  • Be on official letterhead of the sponsor
  • Include sponsor’s signature
  • Include sponsor’s name, billing address, phone number, and email
  • Include student’s full name
  • Include identification number used by the sponsor to identify the student; this number can be added to the bill that is sent to the sponsor
  • Identify the academic term(s) covered by the authorization
  • List the authorized charges (the specific tuition and fees) the sponsor will pay, including any limits or maximum amounts:
    • Tuition
    • Mandatory Fees (see explanation below)
    • Course fees (lab, music, art, physical education fees, etc.)
    • Other fees
  • Student’s seven-digit University of Pittsburgh identification number
  • Sponsor’s Tax ID number, in case the Sponsor is owed a refund
  • Refund instructions, including payee and mailing address.

If you have a Java-enabled web browser, this form can be submitted online as an attachment to the Statement of Responsibility, or it can be delivered by email to PittSponsorBilling@cfo.pitt.edu, fax to (412) 624-7544, or by mail or in person to:

Student Payment Center
G-9 Thackeray Hall
139 University Place
Pittsburgh, PA 15260
Phone: (412) 624-7520

Note About Mandatory Fees

Mandatory fees are assessed to all students enrolled at a particular campus and cannot be waived for any reason. Sponsors can elect to pay mandatory fees in the Financial Guarantee, but if they decline, the student is responsible for payment of mandatory fees.

Dates & Deadlines

Process Summer Term 2022 Fall Term 2022 Spring Term 2023 Summer Term 2023
Statement of Responsibility
This form must be submitted to the Student Payment Center one time during the student’s academic career
5/9/2022 (new enrollees only) 9/16/2022 (new enrollees only) 1/10/2023 (new enrollees only) 5/19/2023 (new enrollees only)
Financial Guarantee Due
Due to the Student Payment Center by the deadline of the first term of sponsorship
5/9/2022 9/6/2022 1/27/2023 5/19/2023
Sponsor is Billed
Shortly after the add/drop period ends
5/23/2022 9/19/2022 1/30/2023 5/22/2023
Sponsor Invoice is Due 6/24/2022 10/31/2022 3/10/2023 6/28/2023
Financial hold placed on student’s account
If Sponsor has not paid authorized charges in full, a hold is placed on student’s account
7/21/2022 11/30/2022 4/7/2023 7/26/2023
Final Request for Payment
Last request for payment in full is mailed to the sponsor
7/25/2022 11/30/2022 4/7/2023 7/26/2023
Final Due Date
Last date for sponsor to pay before charges are reinstated to the student’s account
8/3/2022 12/16/2022 4/21/2023 8/11/2023
Unpaid charges are reinstated to the student’s account
8/8/2022 12/16/2022 4/21/2023 8/11/2023
Student is Notified 8/8/2022 12/16/2022 4/21/2023 8/11/2023

Statement of Responsibility Deadline

You must complete this form once during your academic career. The form covers every term of sponsorship while you attend the University, so you only need to submit it one time.

Financial Guarantee/Billing Authorization Deadline

The University needs time to bill your sponsor and post payment before the end of the academic term. If your Financial Guarantee covers more than one term, submit it by the deadline of the beginning term (not every term that it covers). We will note the expiration date in our system.

Payment Instructions

Checks from sponsors and students are accepted by mail or in person at:

Student Payment Center
G‒9 Thackeray Hall
139 University Place
Pittsburgh, PA 15260

Please include the student’s seven-digit University of Pittsburgh identification number and name with payment.


Adjustments to tuition charges resulting from a student’s withdrawal from classes or official resignation from the University are based on the effective date of withdrawal or resignation. The calculation of the refund amount (if any) will follow the University’s Refund Policy. Refunds will be processed to the student or sponsor, depending on who paid.

Student and Sponsor Resources

For questions & correspondence: PittSponsorBilling@cfo.pitt.edu
Student Payment Center
G-9 Thackeray Hall
139 University Place
Pittsburgh, PA 15260
Phone: (412) 624-7520
Fax: (412) 624-7544

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