Student Account

Quick Reference Guide

Topics students and their Authorized Users ask about most are discussed in this handy and easy to use guide.

PittPAY Checklists

Students and Authorized Users are notified weekly by email, and more frequently leading up to each due date, when a balance is due on the student account.

Past Due Accounts & Late Fees

Find out more about late fees and financial holds that are placed on past due accounts

Collection Accounts

Late fees and collection costs are added to past due accounts and a financial hold is placed that prevents students from registering for future terms and accessing grades and transcripts until the balance is paid in full. 

Financial Responsibility Agreement

Beginning October 2019 all students who authenticate into Pitt Passport, the web page you use to access Pitt’s online services, will be required to read and agree to the University’s Financial Responsibility Agreement (FRA).

Tax Information

Learn more about tax information associated with your student account.