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Students are responsible for payment in full of charges they incur by the published due date for each term.  Late fees and collection costs are added to past due accounts and a financial hold is placed that prevents students from registering for future terms and accessing grades and transcripts until the balance is paid in full.  In addition, students whose accounts are past due at the time of graduation will not receive a diploma or any other certification of program completion. University Collections assists students in identifying options for paying their account balances when the account balance becomes past due.

Collection Accounts

It is important for students to pay attention to regular notifications sent to their Pitt email accounts from PittPAY, so they are aware of the status of their student account. Student account balances can change as students add and drop courses, and are admitted to waitlisted classes at the beginning of each term. If student add/drop activity has resulted in an increase in their charges, notification will be sent from PittPAY so both the student and the student’s Authorized Users are aware a new balance is due on the student account.

Students are also notified, several times, to complete federally mandated requirements so their loan funds will be released by the Department of Education to apply to their student accounts. While their loans may be listed as Anticipated Aid in PittPAY, failure to complete the requirements will prevent the funds from actually applying to the student account. That will result in an unpaid balance.

If students do not monitor the account balance in PittPAY and do not act when notifications are sent from PittPAY, the unpaid account balance will result in late fees, collection costs, and enrollment holds that prevent registration for future terms, access to grades and transcripts, and eventual conversion to Collection status.

Holds on accounts in collections status are cleared weekday mornings, after the account is paid.  If you make a credit card payment to clear your balance, the enrollment hold is released the next business morning.  If you pay off your balance by electronic check (eCheck) instead, there is a waiting period of 2 business days, to allow time for the check to clear your bank and ours. An automated process will release the hold once 2 full business days have passed.  For example, if you make your eCheck payment by 5:00 pm Friday, the hold will be auto-released on Wednesday morning.

Collection Payment Plans

When students reach Collection status, eligible students, based on account balance, are offered collection payment plans that carry no interest. If eligible for this payment plan, students and their Authorized Users will be notified by email from PittPAY by University Collections. Only students can enroll in a collection payment plan. Authorized Users cannot enter into collection payment plans on behalf of their students. Students select the number of installments they prefer, the date they want their automated payment to be processed every month, and pay a $45 sign-up fee.

Collection payment plans can also be customized, within guidelines and limitations, to fit the student’s monthly budget. Students must consult with a Collector on the University Collections staff to arrange a customized payment plan.

Students will not be permitted to register for a new term, have access to their grades, transcripts, or diplomas until the account balance is paid in full, even if the student is enrolled in a Collection Payment Plan.

Outside Collection Agencies

If students are not current on a collection payment plan, have not enrolled in a collection payment plan, and/or have not paid the balance due on their student account, University Collections will refer the account to an external collection agency for further action.

  • It is always beneficial for the student to work directly with University Collections before placement with an external agency becomes necessary. Costs incurred by collection agencies are added to the student’s past due balance and can include, but are not limited to, a percentage of the balance due the University, interest, skip tracing fees, fees incurred in obtaining legal documents, attorney fees, court costs, and fees charged to send notices via registered mail, or delivered by the Sheriff.
  • Once an account has been transferred to an outside agency, payment arrangements can no longer be made with the University of Pittsburgh. Students will then need to contact their collection agency directly to make payment. A student whose account has been transferred to an outside collection agency can find the contact information for the agency by logging into PittPAY or reviewing notifications sent from the collection agency.

Former Students’ Access to PittPAY

A student whose Pitt username and password have expired because they are no longer enrolled at Pitt can create a new username and password to log into PittPAY using a non-Pitt email address. For example, students can create a username with a gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, or other address as their username. The student will be asked to create a password in PittPAY as well.

Students who can no longer log in to PittPAY through Pitt Passport should use the gray Collection Account Login button at the top of this page to get started. Authorized Users should continue to use the blue Authorized User Login button in the top frame of this website.

Creating a Student PittPAY Account when the Student's Pitt Passport Credentials Have Expired

The account create process ensures that a former student can access and is the sole owner of their PittPAY student account, even when their Pitt username and password have expired. It also ensures that the student will be able to perform certain actions in PittPAY that only students (not Authorized Users) can do, such as enrolling in a collections payment plan.

1. Go to to start, or login from the gray “Collections Account Student Login” button

Click Create New Account

2. Select I Am A Student (Current or Former Student)

3. Enter your seven digit student ID and check the box for “I’m not a robot.”

If you don’t know your student ID, contact University Collections at 412-624-7560 or

You may be asked to select images meeting a certain criteria (all the cars, or street signs, or storefronts) as a security feature to make sure you are not a robot trying to extract sensitive information.

Then click Continue.

4. If you are a current student whose Pitt credentials have NOT expired, you will get a message instructing you to login via the Student Portal, instead.

5. Former students whose Pitt credentials have expired will arrive here. Please enter your email address and password of your choice. Note, the email address will become your username for logging into PittPAY. This will also be the address where your PittPAY notifications are delivered.Students cannot use any email address already associated with the account (for example, their old PittPAY email address, or the email address of one of their Authorized Users).

6. PittPAY will send you an email that you must open to confirm that you entered a valid email address that belongs to you.

7. The email you will receive looks like this, and is sent from

Click Verify Email.

8. You should now be able to use the email address and password you created to log into PittPAY. If you forgot the password you created, click Forgot Password to reset it.

9. Now that you’ve established your login credentials, you must associate them with your student account.

Enter your 7-digit Student ID and date of birth to make sure the email address you verified will be connected to your student account in PittPAY.

Check the box for “I’m not a robot” and complete any security steps asked of you.

Then click Next.

10. You will get a “Success!” message and can now view your student account.

11. Bookmark the website or University collections for future logins.